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On-Line Leak Repair Clamps

1.  Manufacturer’s Test Certificate:
     Associate Engineers's "Manufacturer’s Test Certificate" with a Warranty certificate.

2.  Third Party Inspection Agency Certification:(As required)
     Associate Engineers offers a third party inspection agency certificate (from EIL/ BNV/ PDIL/Lloyds), witnessing the
     Hydro-testing of `Assen' Clamps, if required at extra cost.

3. Material Test Certificate: As required.

4. Stress-Relief Certificate: As required.
    Complete assembly stress-relieved (after stiffner welding and before machining).

5. 'Assen' On-Line Leak Repair Clamps, include the following Technical Manuals (TM):

1.  For Site Installation refer to TM No. Clamp-Install-501
2.  For Welding Instruction refer to TM No. Clamp-Welding-502
3.  For Hydro-Testing refer to TM No. Clamp-Hydro-503
4.  For Replacing the Seals Inst., refer to TM No. Clamp-Seals-504

These technical manuals were developed to support `Assen' On-Line Clamps by the Chief Product Development Engineer of Associate Engineers, India.

6. Quality Assurance (QA) Manuals for `Assen' On-Line Leak Repair Clamps: (As required)
    The Quality Assurance (QA) plan for `Assen' On-Line Leak Repair Clamps (Boltable and Weldable High Pressure Split
     Sleeves), prepared by the Chief Product Development Engineer of Associate Engineers, India.

7. A Research and Development Project(s):
    Any on going Research and Development project(s) are available on special request.


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