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  • Application: A permanent and/or temporary pipe leak repairs/maintenance for the Hydrocarbon, Steamlines, Petrochemical, and Cross-country Pipelines
  • Size: API Pipe (2" to 48") 50 mm to 1200 mm NB and larger, (special pipe bend clamp and T-clamp are also available)
  • Class: Standard 1000 psig (ANSI 400), ANSI 600, and ANSI 900 pr. rating; Designed per section 3 of API 6H
  • Material of construction: Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, and combinations
       CS: A515/516 Gr.60/70 (body) -A105(stiffener), SS304/ 316 and combination;
       (complete assembly stress-relived after stiffeners welding and before machining)
  • Single piece precision die moulded seal fixed in WEDGELOCK GROOVES in each half for peripheral and lateral sealing. The single-piece seal has proven superior to the conventional four-piece seal and does not require seal holder
  • Seal width: Standard (5"and 8") and special longer widths up to 30"
  • Seal material: Buna-N, Viton®, Neoprene, and EPDM.
       (the standard and special longer seal widths available in all listed materials).
  • Over-all-length: Standard (11" to 14") and special longer widths up to 40"
  • Heat insulating code: Provided to avoid any seal demage during the welding.
  • Designed to withstand temp. from minus (-)100° to +350° deg. centigrade,
    (for high or low temp. application, consult AE for proper sealing/clamp material)
  • Hinge-and-rod assembly and lifting-lugs are available for easy installation
  • Vent/sealant plug: Vent plug for welding fumes during welding and sealant plug are available
  • Carbon equivalent stamp punched on clamp-body and stiffeners for welding
  • Storage instruction: Storage instruction labels in English and/or other languages are permanently attached to the clamp.
  • Hydro-testing and special testing: All leak repair clamps are internally hydro-tested as per API 6H specs. (1.5 time pressure hold up to 30-60 minutes) at AE’s shop before shipping, and special fire-tests are also available
  • Two Piece assembly: ready-to-use (including seal installed in each half)
  • Documents provided for the product support: (as requested)
    1.  Manufacturer’s Test Certificate
    2.  Material Test Certificate
    3.  Third Party Inspection Agency Certification
    4.  Stress-Relief Certificate
    5.  Technical Manuals (TM): Site Installation; Welding Instruction;
         Hydro Testing Instruction and Replacing Seals Instruction
    6.  Quality Assurance (QA/QC) TM Manuals
    7.  Research and Development projects for the clamps

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