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1. Position Indicating System for Top Loaders
2. Anti-Overspill (Magnetic Reed Switch and PTFE Float Assembly for Top Loading Arm)
3. Loading Valve: (Ball Valve)

4. Torsion Spring Balance Assembly and Counter-Balance Assembly

5. Locking Arrangements for Parking and Filling Positions

6. Safety Break-Away Coupling for LP Gas Loaders and other applications

7. Vacuum Breakers
1. Position Indicating System for Top Loaders
Mercury Switch Sketch Mercury Switch
  • For Top Loading Arm.
  • Provides automatic shut-off of the pump.
  • Intrinsically safe power supply

2. Anti -Overspill System
     (Magnetic Reed Switch and PTFE Float Assembly for Top Loading Arm)

Anti-Overspill System Sketch
  • Size: 2", 2 1/2" , 3" and 4" Drop Tube of Top Loading Arm.
  • The Anti - Over Spill System (AOS-2000) provides automatic shutoff of the pump when the liquid being loaded reaches a pre-established level.

  • 170 mm (approx.) sensor Length
  • Sensor mounted in loading arm drop tube

  • Intrinsically safe power supply
  • Plug and Play - No adjustment required

3. Loading Valve: (Ball Valve)

Photo Coming Soon

Ball Valves: CS, SS and Aluminum and combinations (up to 4") with different end-connections

4. Balancing  Assemblies:
1.  Compression Spring Balance Assembly

2.  Counterbalance Assembly
3.  Torsion Spring Balance Assembly

Double Spring Balance Assembly

Double Spring Balance Assembly

  • Double Spring Balance Assembly
    (Lifting range of 45-78 MKg)
  • Single Spring Balance Assembly
  • Double-Double Spring Balance Assembly (Heavy Duty)
  • Complete Sp. bal. assembly also available in Stainless Steel material for low temp. application
Double Spring Balance Assembly Picture

Single Spring Balance Assembly

Single Spring Balance Assembly

5. Locking Arrangements:

1.  Parking Position Lock
2.  Filling Position Locking System

Parking Position Lock sketch




Parking Position Lock:

A positive locking system that prevents undesirable and random movements of the loading arms. Also referred as a Base Swivel Joint Locking System.

Filling Position Locking System Sketch

Filling Position Locking System:

For avoid back pressure flashing incidents while top loading, available a simple positive locking system for top loading arms that prevents potential flashing incidence that could cause personal injury, equipment damage and subsequent product loss.

6. Safety Break-Away Couplings for Aviation, Oil, and Gas Loading/ Unloading Applications

Safety Break-Away Coupling

Size: 2" x 300 lbs.

Investigation of drive-away incidents involving LP Gas Loading/ Unloading arm assemblies has led AE to develop protective break-away couplings that, if separated, quickly form an air-tight pressure seal that prevents LP gas from loading arms or tank trucks from escaping through the separated coupling half and spilling to the ground. Subsequent R&D efforts have resulted in the manufacture of `ASSEN' Safety Break-Away Couplings (SBAC) utilizing shear-pins that are:

Available in 50mm (2") to 85mm (4"), and larger sizes
ANSI Class 300 and Class 150 
Available in Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel and Aluminum
Available with seals of Buna-N, Viton®, and Teflon®
Flange-ends, Threaded-ends and combinations
Simply constructed for ease of reassembly after separation without special tools
(For more detailed information, click here)

7. Vacuum Breakers for Top Loaders
Vacuum Breaker Vacuum Breaker Sketch

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