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 Quality is the most essential ingredient of Associate Engineer's (AE's) overall philosophy of doing business. Product Quality is an integral part of all of AE's on-going efforts, and superior quality is a priority for all of our Research and Development programs.

     In the pursuit of Superior Quality and the assurance of maintaining that Quality, Associate Engineers has developed and is currently utilizing:

    A Quality Manual consistent with the API Q1 Specification for Quality Manuals as applicable to the API 6H Standard for swivel joints, connectors and end closures.

    The third party inspection agencies certifying the quality of all `Assen' Products include:

EIL (Engineers India Limited)
Bureau Varitas
PDIL (Project & Development India Ltd.)
UDHE India Ltd.

Humphreys and Glasgow Consultants Ltd.

Dalal Consultants
LRIS (Lloyds Register of Industrial Shipping)
Certification Engineers India Ltd.
Davy Power Gas


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