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  • Size: 2" (50 mm) to 36" (900 mm) and larger
    Swivel Joints are available in style 20, 30 and  40 with threaded, flanged, butt weld ends connection or combinations, in ANSI 150 to 300 class.

  • Designed as per API Specification Standard 6H

  • Material of Construction: CS A105/ A515 or A516 Gr. 60/70, and SS 304/SS 316
    Two different design constructions :
        Two Piece
        Split Flange Design: The main seal can be replaced without dismantling any ball bearings.

  • Heavy-duty load bearing capacity ball-bearing raceways harden to 375 BHN (equals to 38 Rockwell "C") through a special permanent metal hardness process.

  • Ball Bearing, fitted with two rows of wide-spread ball bearing (Chrome CS or SS)
    Combination of roller bearing with
    ball bearings units are also available.

  • Special Stainless Steel (SS) Lining

  • All CS Swivel Joints are supplied with Special Stainless Steel lining at the main seal faces, on both nipple and housing for longer seal life and smooth rotation.

  • Triple Seal Design

  • Main seal of two different types (cross sections) O-Ring or Lip Seal.
         O-Ring type: Main Seal of O-ring cross section of Buna-n/Viton ® material and O-rings or
           Lip Seal type: Main Lip Seal of PTFE (Teflon ®) with Buna-n/Viton ® Insert and O-rings or
           Lip Seal type: Main Lip Seal of Buna-n/Viton ® and O-rings.
              A special inverted lip seal designs are also available.

  • External Lip Seal
    A third additional lip seal specially designed to provide require sealing for external fluid pressure.
    External Lip Seal of PTFE (Teflon ®) or Buna-n or Viton ®.  A special inverted lip seal designs are also available.

  • Positive and Negative pressures
    Nipple (female) portion is specially dimensioned for the main seal to remain in the proper functioning position under both positive and negative pressure.

  • Designed to withstand temperature variations.
    A special low or high temperature applications are also available.

  • Factory Lubricated
    A Special wear resistant - High Temp. PTFE based lubricant or Lubricated-for-life is also available.

  • Dust Proof

  • Hydro-testing and Special Testing

  • All Swivel Joints are Internally Hydro-tested at shop before shipping. The Air test, Vacuum test, Bending moment/Radial load test, Pull load test, Electrical conductivity test, Torque test, External Pressure test, and Life Cycle Test (US Patented) has been conducted during R&D (research and development) and these test can be conducted upon special request, at extra cost.


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